The Imperial


Adie Sanders –

Adie organised some of the songwriter’s cricles here last year, and has been playing and organising in and around the Filey/Scarbrough scene for quite some time now. Some words from him:

“There will be a Songwriters’ Circle in the Imperial over the weekend. Both established and budding songwriters will share their original material with you. This will be a celebration of song!”

Bill Fenwick is organising some of the other acts over the weekend, and the Shamrock Experience have been booked to perform at 17:00 on Sunday.

Wednesday 1st May

8-10:30pm - Folk Night (Monthly)

Come along to the monthly folk night at the Imperial - warm yourself up before the weekend


Open session but places can be booked beforehand.
Please speak to Bill Fenwick if you'd like to reserve a slot
8pm - Martin Crowdy
8:30pm - George Smith
9pm - Jamie Alexander
9:30pm - Open Mic


12-6pm - Songwriter's Circle (Originals) - hosted by Adie Sanders as follows:
12:30-1:10pm - The BAMS
1:10-1:50pm - Blue Kites
1:50-2:30pm - Wolf Houseman
2:30-3:10pm - The Storm Trees
3:10-3:40pm - Pen and Stu
3:40-4:20pm - Roddy Gordon Band
4:20-5pm - Tim Moon
5-5:40pm - Sharon Maher
6pm - Peasant's Revolt/Yellabella Acapella
7pm - Derek Waudby
7:30pm - Pleasant Pluckers
8pm - McDowell
8:30pm - Jan & Paul Ramsey
9pm - Malin Hill
9:30-11:30pm - Open Mic


11:30-3pm - Songwriter's Circle (originals) - hosted by Adie Sanders
5pm - The Shamrock Experience
7pm - Slim Tubby
7:30pm - Prairie Fever
8pm - Mike Cooling
8:30pm - Tim Carette
9-9:30pm - Chris JD and the Crazy Hearts
9:30-12:30am - Open Mic