The Bandstand


Counterfeit Celts – Rob Rockman  – Daytime

The Bandstand has featured at Filey Folk Festival before, and now it’s back. After some more talks with the council and certain actors, it’s back! Rob from the Counterfeit Celts is heading up the organising and there is a post on the Facebook group where you can sign up:


11 am
12 am
1 pm
2 pm - Justin Jet Jones
3pm - Tim Moon
4pm - Mike Holland and Teri Adams


12am - Suzy Bradley
1pm - Charlie
2pm - Barely Awake - Denise Roberts
3pm - Passion Play - Anya Wiltschinsky
4pm - The Duda Band - Slovakian Folk Rock
5pm - The Counterfeit Celts - Celtic Folk Rock


11am - Graham Graham Beck
12am - Stan Smith
1pm - Samantha Briggs
2pm - Sunshine Strummers - Steven Roberts
3pm - Roddy Gordon Band
4pm - Cadence Folk Band
5pm - The Mermaidens of White Sail - Sarah Dean